Herod kills John the Baptist

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News


Joyce Ferrie



King Herod had arrested John.

He put John in prison.

Herod had ‘married’ Herodias, who was the wife of his brother.

John had told King Herod that this was wrong.

Herod wanted to kill John but he was afraid of the people.


On Herod’s birthday, he had a party.

The daughter of Herodias danced for King Herod.

He was very pleased.

He promised to give her anything she asked for as a reward.

Her mother told her to ask for John the Baptist.

She wanted his head on a plate.


Herod was worried but he had to keep his promise.

King Herod had John beheaded.

The girl carried the head to her mother.

John’s friends buried his body.

Then they went and told Jesus.


Later, Herod heard stories about Jesus.

He thought this was John come back to life.



Matthew 14:1-12.



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