Two men with evil spirits inside them

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



One day two men met Jesus.

They were living in a cave.

They had evil spirits inside them.

Everyone was afraid of the two men.

People would not walk past the caves.


The men with the evil spirits screamed at Jesus.

“What do you want, you Son of God?

Have you come to punish us?

Are you going to put us out of these men?”

There was a herd of pigs nearby.

The spirits said, “Send us into the pigs.”

Jesus said, “Go.”

The evil spirits went into the pigs.

Then the whole herd of pigs ran away.

They fell over a cliff into a lake and drowned.


The men who had been looking after the pigs went back to the town.

They told everyone that the two men were cured.

The evil spirits had gone.

Jesus had made the men well again.


Matthew 8:28-33.



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June 2009

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