A soldier comes to see Jesus

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News


Joyce Ferrie



A soldier came to see Jesus.

He was an important man in the army.



He asked Jesus to help him.

He said, “My servant is very ill.

He is in bed at home.

He has a lot of pain.”

Jesus said, “I will go to your home.

I will make him well.”

“Oh no sir”, said the soldier.

“Just speak and I know that my servant will be well.

I am a soldier and I give orders.

I just speak. I say, ‘Go’ or ‘Do this.’

My men obey me.”

Jesus was surprised that the soldier believed.

He trusted Jesus.

He knew Jesus would make his servant well.

Jesus said, “Go home. What you have believed will come true.”

At that moment, the soldier’s servant became well.




Matthew 8:5-13.


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June 2009

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