The man with spots

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Mark’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie


The man with spots


Jesus got up very early one morning.

He wanted peace and quiet to talk to God.

His friends came to look for him.

Jesus said, ‘We must visit lots of places.

We must tell people about God’.


 Jesus met a man.

The man had nasty, sore, spots on his body.

It was called Leprosy.

No one would go near him.

No one would touch him.

They were afraid they would get spots on their hands.

The man spoke to Jesus.

 ‘If you want to, you can make me well’.

Jesus said, ‘I do want to help you’.

Jesus touched him. ‘Be well’, he said.

The spots went away.

   The man was better.

He was so happy he told everyone.

He told them what Jesus had done.

Mark 1:40-45


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April 2003

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