A man on the roof

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Mark’s Good News


Joyce Ferrie


A man on the roof


Jesus was in a house.

A lot of people came to see him.

The house was full.

No more people could get in.


4 men came to the door of the house.

They carried a bed.

A man lay on the bed.

He was very sick.

They could not get into the house.




The house had a flat roof.

They climbed up on to the roof.

They lifted the bed up on to the roof.

The man lay on the bed.

They made a hole in the roof.

They tied ropes to the bed.


They put the bed down.

They put the bed down into the house.

Everyone was surprised.


Jesus said, ‘I forgive your sins.

Go home, you are well now’.


The man jumped off the mattress.

He went outside to his friends.

They were very happy.

They praised God.

‘Thank you God’, they all said.

Mark 2:1-12


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April 2003

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