Jesus has a picnic

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Mark’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie


Jesus has a picnic with a lot of people


Jesus went into the country.

He sat on the grass on a hillside.

He wanted to sit quietly.

But a lot of people followed him.

He talked to them for a long time.

It was getting late.

The people were hungry.

They were far from their homes.

Jesus said to his friends.

‘Have you any food?’

His friends said,

‘We only have 5 loaves and 2 little fish’.

Jesus took the food and said thanks to God.

He broke the bread into small pieces.

He broke the fish into pieces.



Jesus told his friends to share it with the people.

There were many people.

There were thousands of people.

Jesus kept on breaking the food into small pieces.

All the people ate some.

They ate as much as they wanted.

Then they picked up the food left over.

They filled twelve baskets with the food.


Jesus had fed them all.




Mark 6:30-44



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April 2003

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