The last meal

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Mark’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



The last meal Jesus had before he died


It was a holiday weekend.

It was an important day.

Jesus and his friends all sat round a big table.

They had a meal together.

Jesus said, ‘One of you is not really my friend’.

Jesus’ friends were very sad.

They did not know who he meant.

But Jesus knew who was not his friend.

He knew it was Judas.

Judas would let him down.


After they had eaten their meal, Jesus took some bread.

He gave thanks to God.

He broke the bread into bits.

He gave it to his friends.

He said, ‘Eat some of this bread and remember me’.

Then he lifted the big cup of wine.

He gave it to his friends.

They all took a drink.

Jesus said, ‘Drink this and remember me’.


Jesus said, ’When you meet, do this again to remember me’.


Mark 14:14-26

Christians today have bread and wine.

To remember Jesus.



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April 2003

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