The man who was deaf

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Markís Good News

Joyce Ferrie


The man who was deaf



Jesus met a man.


He was not happy.

He was deaf.


He could not hear anything.

He did not hear what anyone was saying.

He could not hear music.


And he could not speak properly.

He could not sing.

His friends asked Jesus to help him.


Jesus took him to a quiet place.

Jesus touched the manís ears.

Jesus touched the manís tongue.

Jesus said, ĎOpení.

The man could hear and he could speak.

He was very happy.

His friends said,

ĎJesus is wonderfulí.

Mark 7:32-37


Dear Lord,

We think you are wonderful too.

Sometimes our friends donít understand us.

You always understand us.

Thatís why we think you are wonderful.



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April 2003

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