Jesus meets a blind man

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Mark’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie


Jesus meets a blind man



Jesus was in a town.

The town was very busy.

A lot of people were there.

A man was sitting on the ground.


The man could not see.

He was blind.

He could not see the sky or the trees.

He could not see the people.

But he could hear the people talking.

They were talking about Jesus.


Jesus was walking down the road.

The man began to shout.

He shouted ‘Jesus, help me’.

The people told him to be quiet.

He shouted even louder.

‘Jesus, please help me’.


Jesus stopped.

He asked the man what he wanted.

The man said, ‘Let me see again’.

Jesus said, ‘Because you believe, you will see’.


Then he could see.

He saw the sky.

He saw the people.

He saw Jesus. And he followed him.

Mark 10:46-52



Sometimes doctors can make people see today.

Sometimes they can’t but we know that God knows best.



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April 2003

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