Jesus died and is alive again

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Mark’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie


Jesus died and is alive again


Soldiers took Jesus to a place outside the city.

It was about nine-o-clock on Friday morning.

The soldiers nailed Jesus to a wooden cross.

Jesus allowed them to hurt him.




Some people shouted to him,

‘If you are a King, come down from the cross’.

Others said, ‘You always help other people. Now save yourself’.


At noon, it got very dark.

It was as dark as night.

It was dark until 3-o-clock in the afternoon.

Jesus called out loudly to his Father God, then he died.

Jesus died on the cross.


A soldier watched Jesus die.

He said ‘It is true, Jesus was the Son of God’.


Jesus’ friends took his body and put it into a tomb.

The tomb was like a cave.

They put a big stone at the front of the tomb.





On Sunday morning, some friends of Jesus went to the tomb.

When they got there, they were surprised.

Someone had moved the big stone.

The stone was not at the door of the tomb.

They went inside.

Jesus’ body was not there.


They saw an angel.

The angel said, ‘Jesus has come back to life.

He is alive again.

Go and tell his friends that they will see him soon’.

Jesus friends did see him again.

He was alive.



Jesus told his friends to go and tell everyone about him.

Tell everyone that if they believe in Jesus they will be saved.

Mark 15:20-16:20




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