Two men did not know it was Jesus

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Two people were walking along the road.

It was the day that Jesus came back to life again.

They were walking to a village called Emmaus.

They talked about Jesus and what had happened.

A man joined them as they walked.

They did not know that it was Jesus. God kept them from knowing.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“We are talking about Jesus. He was from God but the leaders killed him.

He was crucified. We thought he had come to save us.

Some women told us he was alive again.

They said angels had told them”, said the two people.

Jesus explained to the two what their Bible had said about Jesus.

The two people asked Jesus to stay the night with them.

They sat down to eat. Jesus took the bread, thanked God and broke it.

Then the two people recognised Jesus.

Jesus disappeared.

They said to each other,

“Wasn’t it wonderful how he explained things to us on the way here?”

They went all the way back to Jerusalem.

They found Jesus’ friends and told them, “It is true, Jesus is alive.”

Even as they were telling their story, Jesus appeared in the room.

“Peace be with you”, he said.

The friends were afraid; they thought it was a ghost.

Jesus told them to touch him and see that he was not a ghost.

Then he told them all that their Bible had foretold.

He told them that they were his witnesses.


Later, Jesus led his friends outside the city.

He was taken up into heaven.

They went back to Jerusalem joyfully praising God.



Luke 24:13-53   No. 52.


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