Jesus prays in a garden

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



After dinner Jesus went to a garden.

He often went to this garden.

He went there to pray.

This time his friends went with Jesus.

He told his friends to pray too.

Jesus walked a little further on.

He wanted to pray alone. He was very sad.

He knew what was going to happen to him.

Jesus asked God, his Father, to help him.

But Jesus said, “Not what I want but what you want be done.”

Jesus was very upset.

His sweat was falling on to the ground.

It looked like great drops of blood.

God sent an angel to comfort Jesus.

He went back to his friends.

They were all asleep.

Jesus said, “Why are you sleeping? You must pray.”

As he spoke, a big crowd of people came into the garden.

The leaders were there with guards with swords and sticks.

At the front was the man who said he was Jesus’ friend.

His name was Judas.

He was not really Jesus’ friend.

He tried to kiss Jesus.

Jesus said, “Would you betray me with a kiss?”

One of the other friends took out a sword and cut one of the guards.

He cut the guard’s ear.

Jesus said, “Stop this.” He touched the guard and healed him.

Jesus said to the leaders, “Am I a criminal that you come for me with swords?

Every day I was with you in church. You did you not take me then.

But this is your time - in the darkness.”

They took Jesus away.



Luke 22:39-53   No. 47.


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