The wicked workers

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke's Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus told this story.

A man planted his fields with grape vines.

He got some workers to take care of his plants.

He had to go away for a long time.

The time came when the grapes were ripe.

The owner of the fields sent a servant to get his share of grapes.

The workers beat the servant and sent him home.

They sent him back with nothing.


The owner sent another servant for his grapes.

The workers did the same to that servant.

They beat him up and sent him back with nothing.

The same thing happened a third time.

The owner was very upset.

"What shall I do?" he said to himself.

"I know. I will send my own dear son.

They will give him my share of the grape harvest.

They will know he is my son."

The workmen saw the son.

They said, "This is the owner's son.

Let us kill him.

Then we can keep the fields for ourselves."

They killed the son.

Jesus asked, "What will the owner do with these men?

He will kill them.

He will give the fields to other people."



Luke 20:9-16 No. 42.


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April 2008

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