Do not worry

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Lukeís Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus said, ďDo not worry about food or clothes.

Look at the birds. They do not grow food.

They do not store food up and yet

God feeds them.

You are worth a lot more than birds.


If you worry, can that make you live a minute longer?

If it canít, then why worry?


Look at the flowers.

They donít make clothes for themselves.

I tell you, not even the Queen is dressed as beautifully as the flowers.

If God dresses flowers so well, he will look after you.

So donít be upset or worry about things.

God knows what you need and he will give it to you.



Be worried instead about what God thinks of you.

You must be ready because Jesus is coming back again.

You do not know when.Ē



Luke 12:22-31, 40†††††††† No. 30.


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April 2008

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