Jesus with Mary and Martha

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke's Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus and his friends went to visit some other friends.

They were called Mary and Martha.

They had a brother called Lazarus.

Martha invited Jesus and his friends to eat with them.

Martha was very busy. She had a lot to do.

Mary sat and listened to Jesus.

He was talking about God.

He was teaching his friends.



Martha was not pleased because she had to do all the work.

She said to Jesus, "Lord it is not fair."

"I have to do all the work. Tell my sister to come and help me."

But Jesus said, "Martha, you worry about so many things.

Mary has chosen to listen to God's word and I will not stop her."





God's word is the most important thing in our lives.



Luke 10:38-42 No. 28.


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April 2008

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