A young man from Nain

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke's Good News


Joyce Ferrie



Jesus went to another town.

The town was called Nain.

A lot of people followed Jesus.

As they went into the town, they saw a funeral.

A young man had died.

His mother was a widow.

He was her only son.

Jesus felt very sorry for her.


He said to her, "Do not cry."

Jesus touched the coffin.

"Young man get up I tell you", Jesus said.

The dead man sat up.

He began to talk.

He was alive again.

Jesus returned her son to his mother.

All the people praised God.


They said, "God has come to save his people."



The news of what Jesus had done was told everywhere.



Luke 7:11-17 No. 21.


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April 2008

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