The soldier and his servant

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie





There was once a Roman soldier.             

The soldier had a servant who was dying.           

He liked the servant very much.                 

The soldier sent some important men to see Jesus.

He wanted them to ask Jesus to make his servant well.

The men told Jesus, “This soldier is a good man.

He even had a church built for us.

He really deserves your help.”

Jesus went with them.

As he came near to the house, the soldier saw him.

He sent some friends to speak to Jesus.

“Sir, you do not need to come to my house.

I do not deserve to have you come to my house.

Just order my servant to get better and I know that he will.

I am a soldier and I give orders to my men.

I tell them what to do and they obey.”

Jesus was very surprised.

He said, “I have never known anyone with such faith.

He really believes in me.”

The men went back to the soldier’s house.

They found that his servant was well again.

Jesus had made him well.



Luke 7:2-10       No. 20.


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