An angel tells of a baby called John

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



There was a good man and his wife.

They both loved God and obeyed him.

They were both very old.

The man was in church one day.

An angel came and stood beside him.

The man was afraid.

The angel said, “Don’t be scared.

God has heard your prayers.

Your wife is going to have a baby boy.

You are to call him John.

You will both be very happy when he is born.

The baby will grow up to be a great man for God.

He will show many people the way back to God.

He will get people ready for the Lord.”

The man said, “How will I know this is true?”

“I am the angel Gabriel.

God sent me to speak to you”, said the angel.

“You have not believed God’s message.

It will come true.

But you will not be able to speak.

You will be silent until God’s word comes true.”

When the man came out of church he could not speak a word.

He had to make signs with his hands.

Soon afterwards his wife Elizabeth told him she was going to have a baby.



Luke 1:5-25       No. 2.


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