Jesus makes a dead man live

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from John’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus got a message one day.

The message said, ‘Your friend Lazarus is very ill.’

After two days Jesus said,

“Let us go now, our friend is asleep.

Let us go and wake him.”

Jesus meant that his friend had died.


Lazarus had two sisters, Mary and Martha.

Jesus went to their house.

Lazarus had been buried for 4 days.


Martha heard that Jesus was on his way to see them.



She ran out to meet him.  She said,

“If you had been here Lord my brother would not have died.”

Jesus replied, “Your brother will come alive again.”

Martha went to tell her sister Mary that Jesus had come.

Jesus saw all the people; they were weeping.

Jesus wept.




“Where is Lazarus buried?” he asked.

They took Jesus to a cave where they had put the body of Lazarus.

A big stone was rolled across the entrance.



Jesus said, “Take the stone away.”


Martha said, “There will be a bad smell.

The body of Lazarus has been in there 4 days.”

They took the stone away.

Jesus shouted “Lazarus, come out.”

Lazarus walked out of the cave.

He was alive.




Many people saw what Jesus did and they believed.

They knew Jesus was the Son of God.


The leaders were not pleased.

From that day on they made plans to catch Jesus and kill him.



John 11:1-53      No. 12.


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