The Good Shepherd

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Johnís Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus said

ďI am like a good shepherd,

I am willing to die for my sheep.

When a man who is not a shepherd sees a wolf nearby

he runs away.

He leaves the sheep.

He does not care about the sheep.


†I am a good shepherd. I know my sheep.

My sheep know me.

I would die for my sheep.



My sheep listen to my voice.

I know my sheep and they know me.

My sheep follow me.

I give them eternal life

No-one can take them from my care.Ē



John 10:11-15††† No. 11.




Jesus is like our shepherd.

We are like his sheep.

He will take care of us.

He died for us to give us eternal life.


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August 2007

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