Who can throw a stone?

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from John’s Good News


Joyce Ferrie



Jesus sat in the church.

There were other people sitting there too.

One of the leaders brought a woman to Jesus.

“She has done a very wrong and wicked thing”, they said.

“Our law says we must throw stones at her.

We must kill her with the stones.”



Jesus said to the leaders and the people,

“Anyone here who has never done anything wrong

may throw a stone at her.”


The people who heard Jesus say this crept away one by one.

They all knew that they had done wrong things.



Jesus said to the woman,

 “Where have they all gone?”

“They all left”, said the woman.

“Well then you go too”, said Jesus.

“But do not do any more bad, wrong things.”




John 8:1-11       No. 9.


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August 2007

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