Mighty God

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘Isaiah Looks Forward’


Elaine Young


Mighty God


Isaiah was a man who lived about 700 years before Jesus.

Isaiah wrote a book.

God helped Isaiah to write his book.

The book was about what God would do in the future.

In his book Isaiah wrote:


A child has been born for our good.

A baby boy has been sent to help us.

He will rule the world.

He will have very great power.

His name will be ‘Mighty God’.






If God is mighty, this means he is powerful.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is God.

The Bible also tells us that Jesus is powerful.

This story shows that Jesus is God and he is powerful:


Some people brought a man to Jesus.

The man could not walk.

He was lying on a mat.

The people trusted Jesus.

Jesus knew this.


Jesus said to the man:

‘Don’t worry, my friend.

I have forgiven your sins.’


Some holy men said to themselves:

‘Only God can forgive sins.

Jesus is calling himself God.’


Jesus knew what they were thinking.

He said:

‘Why do you think I have said something bad?

I can tell this man to get up and walk.

I can tell this man his sins are forgiven.

Which is easier?

I will prove that I can forgive sins.’


Jesus said to the man who could not walk:

‘Stand up.

Pick up your mat.

Walk home.’

The man stood up.

He picked up his mat.

He walked home.


Jesus had healed the man.

Jesus had forgiven the man.

Jesus is mighty and powerful.

Jesus is God.


Isaiah had said that Jesus would be the mighty God.

What Isaiah had written came true in Jesus.



Isaiah 9:6

Matthew 9:2-7



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