Isaiah talks about God’s chosen servant

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘Isaiah Looks Forward’

Elaine Young


Isaiah talks about God’s chosen servant


Isaiah was a man who lived about 700 years before Jesus.

Isaiah wrote a book.

God helped Isaiah to write his book.

The book was about what God would do in the future.

In his book Isaiah wrote:


Before I was born, God chose me to be a servant.

He wanted me to bring his people back to himself.

God gives me great respect.

He is my strength.


Now God says to me:

‘You will do more than be my servant.

You will do more than bring my people back to me.

You must be a light for other people too.

You must take my saving power to everybody on earth.


You are the servant of rulers.

You are the servant of people who hate you.

But one day kings will honour you.

They will kneel at your feet.

You can believe me.

I am the Lord God.

I am holy.

I have chosen you.’


Remember that Isaiah was writing this about someone in the future.






Later in the Bible a man called John wrote:


Jesus knew he was going to die soon.

He showed his friends how much he loved them.

He got up from the evening meal.

He took off his outer clothes.

He wrapped a towel round his waist.


Then he poured water into a basin.

He began to wash his friends’ feet.

He dried them with the towel.


Jesus had finished washing his friends’ feet.

He put his clothes on again.

He went and sat down again.

He asked his friends:

‘Do you understand what I was doing?

You call me Master.

You call me Lord.

I am your Master.

I am your Lord.

But I have washed your feet like a servant does.

This is an example for you to follow.

You must wash other people’s feet too.

You must act like a servant.

God will bless you if you do this.’


Isaiah said that God had chosen somebody to be a servant.

Jesus showed that God had chosen him to be a servant.

What Isaiah had promised came true in Jesus.



Isaiah 49:5-7

John 13:1, 4-5, 12-15, 17


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