About the psalms
Helen M Seeley

A psalm is an old word for a hymn,
like the songs we sing in church.
There are 150 psalms in the Bible.
A lot of them were written by a man called David.
David was a king.
But he was just like you and me.
Sometimes he felt very happy.
Sometimes he felt very sad.
Sometimes he felt really scared.
Sometimes he felt very cross.
Sometimes he did bad things and was really sorry. But David always told God how he felt.
He knew God was with him all the time and loved him just as he was and just as he felt.
So David loved.
David trusted God.
He knew that God would always listen to him and help him.
David liked to thank God for making him happy. When he talked to God, he always felt better.
He liked to praise God.
David wrote his psalms a long time ago,
but they can help us.
David knew God as a very good friend.
We can know God as a very good friend too.
When God is our friend, we are very happy.
The psalms in this book are about being happy.