A song about God our King
(from Psalm 145)



You are a great king.
You are my king, O God.
I will praise you every day and
I will praise you for ever and ever.

Lots of people will tell each other about you.
They will talk about all the good things you do.
They will say how great you are.
They will say how strong you are.
They will say how good you are.
They will sing about your love and goodness.

God is kind to everybody. He loves everybody.
He loves all the things he has made.

We thank you for this
We tell other people.
Then they will know and praise you as well.
For you have been king
From when the world began.

We can always trust God.
God never stops loving us.
He helps everybody when they need him.
He gives everybody all the things they need.
Everything God does is good.

He is always near us. He hears calling to him.
He makes people happy who trust in him.
He hears them and keeps them safe.
But he will not look after bad people.

I will sing about God's love for ever!
Come and join me!