Thank God for his love and help
(from Psalm 118)



Thank God because he is good.
His love never ends.
The family of Israel say,
'His love never ends.'
The family of Aaron say,
'His love never ends.'
All the people who love and trust God say,
'His love never ends.'

I called to God when I was in trouble.
He answered me.
He helped me.
The Lord is with me so I will not be scared.
What can anyone do to me?
The Lord is with me.
He helps me.
Nobody can hurt me.

It is better to ask God for help
than to trust people.
Even if all the people in the world
tried to hurt me
they would be stopped by God.
Sometimes I fall
but God helps me.
He is my strength and my help.
I will sing about him.

Good people shout for joy.
God has done great things for them.
They praise and thank God

Because of what God has done,
I will live and not die.
He has helped me.
I will tell other people what he has done for me.
God has saved me so I am alive.
I will thank him in his house.
I will thank him because he has saved me.

Today has been made by God.
We will thank him for it and be happy.

Lord, help us. Help us to do well.
The man who looks to you is happy.
We thank you in your house.
The Lord is God.
He has made us happy.
We will thank him
We will show how much we love him.

You are my God and I will thank you.
You are my God and I will praise you.
Thank God because he is good.
Thank God because his love never ends.






When we know how much God loves us

we are happy.

We can thank him for this.

We can tell other people

so that they can be happy too.