The song of a happy person
(from Psalm 92)




It is good to thank God and sing his praises.
It is good to talk about God's
love every morning and every night.
We play music on guitars or harps.

For the things you do make me happy, Lord.
They make me sing for joy.
The things you do are good.
The things you do are great.

Silly people do not see this.
They see that bad people often seem to be happy.
But it will not last long.
They are like grass.

But you live for ever, O God.
You are stronger than anyone.
You give me strength and help me.
So bad people will not be able to hurt me.

Good people love and obey God.
They are big and strong like a tree.
They will stay fresh and green.
They will say,
"God is good.
God is my God
and he is good."

The happiness God gives us lasts for ever.

David thanked God for this.

We can thank him too.