Love and follow God
(from Psalm 86)



Lord, hear and answer my prayers. I need you.
Please look after me. I love you.
Please help me. I trust you.
You are my God.
I call to you all the time.
Please make me happy as I come to you.

You are good. You forgive me.
You are full of love for those who call to you.
When I am in trouble, I will call to you.
You always answer me.

There is no one like you, Lord.
No one can do such great things.
You made the world and everything in it.
The whole world praises and thanks you
because you are great and wonderful.
You are the only true God.

Teach me about yourself, Lord.
Teach me to follow you.
Help me to make you the Lord of my life.
I will praise you with all my heart;
I will bring glory to you
because you love me so much
and have saved me.

Bad people who do not love and obey you
sometimes try to hurt me.
But you are always there for me. You love me.
Please come and help me.
Make me strong.
Show these people what a wonderful God you are.
They will be sorry when they see
how you have helped me
and made me happy again.