Loving God
(from Psalm 63)




O God, you are my God.
I look for you and really want to find you.
Just like a desert really wants water.

I see you in your house.   
I see your strength and glory.
Your love is better than life.

I will tell everyone about it while I am alive.

I will lift up my hands and praise you.
For you give me all I need to be happy.

I think about you when I lie in bed at night.
I think about your help and love.
I thank you because I am safe with you for ever.
I hold onto you, and you hold onto me.

People who do not like me

will not be able to hurt me.
You will make sure of that.
You will keep me safe

from any bad things they try to do.

I will be happy with God.
People who lie and do not trust God do not praise him.
But everybody who trusts him will praise him.


When we love God

we want to get to know him more and more.

He is a very good friend.