Being really happy
(from Psalm 16)



Keep me safe Lord.
You are all I have.
You give me all I need to be happy.

I love to be with other people who love you.
I do not want to be with
people who love other gods.
I do not want to do the things they do.

I have all I need in you Lord.
You make me happy in everything I do.
You make me safe in everything I do.

I thank the Lord because
he shows me the way,
even when it is dark.
I know that the Lord is always with me.
It makes me feel safe.

So I am happy.
I praise and thank you, Lord.
You will never let anything bad happen to me.
You will never leave me on my own.

You love me.
You show me the way to be happy.
Being with you makes me very happy.
I will be happy for ever.

Godís love makes us happy.