from Genesis chapter 6 verses 1 to 10)




For a long time after Adam and Eve and Cain died

people in the world were doing lots of bad things.

God was angry.  He was very sad.

God wished he had not made the world.

He wished he had not made all the things in the world.

God wished he had not made people.

They did not care about God.

They did not love God.

They did not obey God.


God wanted all the bad people to die.

He was going to send lots of rain.

There would be a big flood.

All the people on earth would die.

They were very bad.


But there was one good man.

His name was Noah.

He loved God.  He did good things.

He obeyed God.


Noah had three sons.

One was called Shem.

One was called Ham.

One was called Japheth.

Noah and his wife and his sons loved God.


God loved Noah and his family.

They were good and they loved him.

He wanted to save them. 

God did not want them to die.




By Helen M Seeley

ŠAEE. Ed.2, January 2004

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

October 2005

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