The story of Jacobís daughter Dinah
(from Genesis chapter 34)




One day Dinah went for a walk.

A man called Shechem saw her.

He was the son of King Hamor.

Shechem liked Dinah.† He took her and hurt her.

Shechem wanted to marry Dinah.

He told his father.

King Hamor went to see Jacob.

He asked Jacob to give Dinah to Shechem.

Shechem wanted Jacob and his family

to live in his country.

Jacob and his sons said yes.

But the sons told a lie.

They attacked the men from Shechemís house.

They killed them all.† They took their families.

They took all that they owned.

Jacob was very cross with his sons Simeon and Levi.

He was afraid Hamor and Shechem would kill him.

But Simeon and Levi said they were helping Dinah.

The men had been bad to their sister.




By Helen M Seeley

©AEE. Ed.2, January 2004

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

October 2005

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