Jacob goes home
(from Genesis chapter 30 verses 25 to 43)





After Joseph was born

Jacob wanted to go back home.

Laban did not want Jacob to go.

He knew God had blessed him.

He knew God had blessed Jacob.

So Jacob stayed with Laban.


Jacob was a good farmer and shepherd.

God helped him.  Jacob became very rich.

But Laban’s sons were cross.

They did not want Jacob to be rich.

They told their father Laban.  He was cross as well.


So God said to Jacob,

“Go back home and I will be with you.”

Jacob told his wives Leah and Rachel.

They all got ready to go home.

But Rachel stole some things from her father.

Jacob did not know this.

Jacob did not tell Laban he was going away.

They all ran away.


Laban ran after them.  He was cross.

God told Laban not to hurt Jacob.

Laban met Jacob at Gilead.

He said,

“Why did you run away?  I wanted to give you a party.

I wanted to say goodbye to my family.”

He was cross because Rachel had stolen from him.

Jacob told him to take the things back.

Rachel hid them.  Laban could not find them.


Jacob and Laban were friends again.

They promised not to hurt each other.

The place where they promised was called Mizpah.

The next day Laban went back home.




By Helen M Seeley

©AEE. Ed.2, January 2004

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October 2005

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