Adam and Eve disobey God
from Genesis chapter 3 and chapter 5)




One day, Satan came into the garden in Eden.

He said to Eve,

“Did God tell you not to eat the fruit on the trees?”

Eve said to Satan,

“We can eat the fruit on the trees. 

But God told us not to eat the fruit on the tree

in the middle of the garden.

If we eat that fruit, we will die.”


Satan said to Eve,

“You will not die.  If you eat that fruit you will be like God.

You will know everything. 

God does not want you to be like him.”


So Eve ate some of the fruit.  It was very nice.

She gave some to Adam.  He ate it.

But they were not happy any more.

They had disobeyed God.


The next day, God came into the garden

to see Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve were afraid.

They knew they had done a bad thing.

They had eaten the fruit God told them not to eat.

They hid from God.


God called, “Adam, Eve - where are you?”

He looked everywhere.

Then Adam said to God,

“We heard you come into the garden.

We are afraid.  We hid.”

God knew what Adam and Eve had done.

He said, “You have eaten the fruit I told you not to eat.”

God was very angry.  He was very sad.



Now there were bad things

in the lovely world God had made.

Weeds grew with the flowers.

People got ill.  They felt pain.


Adam and Eve had to go away

from the garden in Eden.

They had to work very hard

to get food to eat and live.


They lived for a long time.

They had lots of children.

Adam and Eve died.

They were very old.

Their sons and daughters

had lots of children.




By Helen M Seeley

©AEE. Ed.2, January 2004

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

October 2005

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