The first man and woman.  Adam and Eve
(from Genesis chapter 2 verses 8 to 25)




God planted a garden in a place called Eden.

It was a lovely garden.

There were lots of trees and plants in it.

There was a river.  Everything grew well.


God gave the garden in Eden to the first man.

The man’s name was Adam.

Adam lived in the garden.  He looked after the garden.

He gave names to all the birds and animals.

But Adam did not have a friend.

God did not want Adam to be alone.

He made a woman.

The woman’s name was Eve.

Eve was Adam’s friend.

She helped him in the garden.

Eve was Adam’s wife.


Adam and Eve were very happy.

God came to see them in the garden.

He said to them,

“You can eat all the fruit in the garden.

But there is one tree you must not eat from.

If you eat the fruit from that tree you will die.”


Adam and Eve were happy.

God gave them everything.

God was a friend.

He came to see them.

He talked to them.

God loved Adam and Eve.




By Helen M Seeley

©AEE. Ed.2, January 2004

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

October 2005

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