The story of Hagar and Ishmael
(from Genesis chapter 16 to chapter 18 verse 15)




Abraham and Sarah had no children.

Sarah could not have children.

A lady called Hagar lived with Abraham and Sarah.

She helped to clean the house and cook the meals.

Hagar came from Egypt.


Sarah told Abraham to love Hagar.

Hagar could have children.

Abraham went to Hagar.  He married her.

Hagar was going to have a baby.

She told Sarah.  Sarah was very angry.


Hagar ran away. 

She went to live in the desert.

God spoke to Hagar.  He said she would have a son.

He told her to call her son Ishmael.

God knew Hagar was sad.

He told her to go back to live with Abraham and Sarah.


God had promised Abraham he would have a son.

Abraham and Sarah were very old.

God told Sarah she would have a baby.

Sarah laughed.  She was too old to have a baby.

God said to her,

“Nothing is too hard for me to do.”

Sarah was afraid.  She was sorry that she had laughed.

She was sorry she did not trust God.


God told Abraham he would have a son the next year.

He told Abraham he would be a great man.

He blessed Abraham.

Abraham blessed God.




By Helen M Seeley

©AEE. Ed.2, January 2004

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

October 2005

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