Abram goes to Egypt
(from Genesis chapter 12 verses 10 to 20)





There was a bad time in Canaan.

There was no food.  There was no water.

Abram and Sarah went to a country called Egypt.

Abram told the people in Egypt that Sarah was his sister.

He lied to them.

He was afraid to tell them

that Sarah was his wife.

She was very pretty.

He thought they would like Sarah and kill him.


The Egyptian people liked Sarah.

They thought she was pretty.

The king of Egypt liked Sarah very much.

He took her to his big house.  He married Sarah.

Abram lived in the king’s house.

The king gave him lots of sheep and cows.

He gave him lots of other presents.

Abram was rich.


But God was angry with Abram.

He had told a lie.

One day the king of Egypt was ill.

God told the king what Abram had done.

The king asked to see Abram.

He was very angry.  Abram had lied to him.

He said to Abram,

“Why did you let me marry Sarah?

She is your wife.  She is not your sister.”


The king told Abram to go away from Egypt.

He told him to take Sarah with him.




By Helen M Seeley

©AEE. Ed.2, January 2004

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October 2005

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