The Resurrection

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘The First Easter and Afterwards‘

Elaine Young


The Resurrection


Jesus had died on a cross.

His body had been put in a tomb.

That all happened on Friday.

The next day was Saturday.

Nobody was allowed to do anything on Saturday.


There were three women called Mary, Mary and Salome.

Early on Sunday morning they walked to the tomb.

They took some spices.

They wanted to put the spices on Jesus’ body.


The women knew there was a stone in front of the tomb.

They knew it would be heavy.

They wondered how they would move it.

But they had a big surprise!

The stone had already been moved!


An angel was sitting inside the tomb.

The women were frightened.

The angel said:

“Don’t be frightened.

Jesus was dead but he is not here now.

He has risen from the dead.

Go and tell his friends the good news.

Go to Galilee.

You will see Jesus there.”

The women were puzzled.

They were shaking with fear.

They ran out of the tomb.

They did not tell anybody because they were so frightened.


Later one of the women met Jesus.

She told Jesus’ friends that she had met him.

They were sad and crying.

They did not believe her.


Afterwards Jesus met two of his friends in the country.

They were walking along a road.

At first they did not know who he was.

Then they realised who he was.

They hurried back to Jerusalem.

They told the rest of Jesus’ friends that they had seen him.

The friends did not believe them.


Another time eleven of Jesus’ friends were eating.

Jesus appeared to them.

He told them off for not believing.

He told them to believe that he was alive from the dead.



Mark 16:1-14


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October 2007

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