The Coming of the Holy Spirit

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘The First Easter and Afterwards‘

Elaine Young


The Coming of the Holy Spirit


It was seven weeks after Jesus had come alive again.

He had gone back to heaven.

His friends were meeting in a room.


Suddenly there was a noise like a strong wind.

Something like fire came into the room.

It was shaped like tongues.

The tongues of fire landed on all the friends.


The Holy Spirit had come!

He filled all the friends.

He helped them to speak in other languages.

They had not learned the languages.


Lots of Jews were staying in Jerusalem.

They were all good people who loved God.

They came from all over the world.

And they spoke lots of different languages.

Jesus’ friends were talking about the wonderful things God had done.

They were talking in the languages of the Jews.

The Jews were puzzled.

They said, “We don’t understand why this is happening.

We want to know more.”



But other people made fun of Jesus’ friends.

“They have been drinking too much wine”, they said.


Peter spoke to the whole crowd.

He said, “We are not drunk.

God promised he would send his Holy Spirit.

Now he has sent his Holy Spirit.

God is doing wonderful things.

He will help everyone who asks.

Ask him to help you.

He will rescue you from your sin.”


About three thousand people believed Peter.

They believed the truth about Jesus.

They became Christians.

They were baptised that day.



Acts 2:1-21, 41


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October 2007

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