A storm at sea

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts


Joyce Ferrie





Paul was on a ship. He was in trouble.

He was being taken to Rome.

He had to go there on a ship.

There was a great storm.

The wind was blowing.

The waves were very big.

Paul said, “Do not be afraid, an angel from God came to me.

He told me that we would all be safe.”

After 14 nights in the storm, the ship hit a sandbank.

The big waves broke the boat to pieces.

Some men swam to the shore.

Some people held on to bits of wood and floated to shore.

All the people got safely to the shore.

They landed on an island.

They were all very cold and wet.

The people who lived on the island were very kind.

They lit a fire on the beach.

Paul collected some sticks for the fire.

A snake came out of the sticks.

It went on to Paul’s hand.

The people said, “The snake will bite him and he will die.”

Paul shook the snake off his hand. It fell into the fire.

The people waited to see if Paul would die of snakebite.

Paul did not die. God took care of him.





The chief of the island was very kind.

He sent food to the people from the shipwreck.




The chief’s father was very sick.

Paul went and put his hands on him.

Paul prayed and God made the man well.

Many sick people came to Paul and he prayed.

God made them well.

A new ship came and took the travellers on to Rome.

Acts Chaps. 27-28         No. 18.


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