Peter visits two towns

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie





Peter went to many towns to tell people about Jesus.

In one of these towns, he went to visit a man.

The man was lying in bed.

He could not move.

He could not sit up, he could not stand.

He had been in bed for 8 years.


Peter said to him “Jesus makes you well, get up.”

The man got up out of bed.

He was well.

He could stand up.

He could walk.


All the people in the town saw the man.

They heard what Peter had done.

They heard how Jesus had made the man well.

The people believed in Jesus.







A good woman lived in the next town. She helped everyone.


She made new clothes for the poor people.

She knew all about Jesus and she loved him.

One day, she died.

Everyone was very sad.

They asked Peter to come. “Please hurry”, they said.

Peter came to the town.


The people took him to see the woman.

She was dead.

Peter prayed, then he said, “Get up.”

She opened her eyes.

She was alive again.

All the people in the town heard about the woman.

They heard she was alive again.

Many people in that town believed in the Lord Jesus.


Acts 9:32-42     No. 9.


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