Peter escapes from prison

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie



Herod was a king. He was a bad king.

He killed one of Jesus’ friends.

He put Peter in prison.

Peter was one of Jesus’ friends too.

Peter had soldiers to guard him in prison.

One night Peter was asleep.

He was in a prison cell.

He had 2 soldiers to guard him.

He was tied with 2 chains.

There were more guards at the prison gates.


An angel came into the prison cell.

A bright light shone in the prison cell.

The angel woke Peter. “Hurry, get up” he said.

Peter’s chains fell off.

“Put on your sandals and cloak.

Come with me”, said the angel.

Peter followed the angel.

He thought he was dreaming.

They walked right passed the guards.

The prison gate opened for them.

They walked down the street.

Peter was free from the prison.

“Now I know it is true.

I am not dreaming.

God sent an angel to rescue me”, he said.


Peter went to the house of a friend.

Many people were in the house.

They were praying for Peter.

They asked God to rescue Peter.

Peter knocked on the door.

A girl came to the door.

She did not open the door.

Peter called to her.

She knew his voice, but she did not open the door.

She ran back and told the people,

“Peter is at the door”.

“You are mad”, they said.

“It must be an angel.”

Peter kept on knocking.

They opened the door.

His friends were amazed.

It was Peter. He was free.

They were very happy.

Peter told them how God had opened the prison.

He told them how he got out of the prison.

He said he would go and stay in a safe place.




The soldiers searched the prison for Peter.

They could not find him.


Acts 12:1-18     No. 12.






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