Peter and the Roman soldier

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie





There was a good man. He was a Roman soldier.

He loved God and he prayed to him.

But he did not know about Jesus.

One afternoon, he had a dream. He saw an angel.

The angel spoke to him.

“Send your servants to find a man called Peter.

Peter is in the next town.

Ask him to come and see you.”

The soldier did what the angel told him.

He sent his servants to look for a man called Peter.


That same day,

Peter went up on to the roof of the house to pray.

The house had a nice flat roof.

Peter fell asleep and he had a dream.

He saw a big sheet come down from Heaven.

There were all sorts of food on the sheet.

It was food that Peter did not like to eat.

A voice said, “Eat some food Peter.”

Peter said, “No, I cannot eat that kind of food, it is not good.”

The voice said, “If God says the food is good, then it is good.”

Peter dreamt this dream 3 times.

He did not know what it could mean.

God told Peter that 3 men would come to his door.

He must go with them.

Just then, the 3 men came to the door.

They had found Peter.




They told him about their master, the good soldier.

They asked Peter to go with them.

Peter did not want to go with these people.

They were not like him.

But God told him to go with the men.

Peter went with them.

He understood what the dream meant now.

Everyone is different.

God loves everyone and we must love everyone too.


Peter met the soldier.

The soldier told him about the dream.

Peter told him all about Jesus.

Peter told the soldier and his friends how Jesus had died.

He died for everyone.

Jesus came alive again. He rose from the dead.

He told them that anyone who believes in Jesus

could have their sins forgiven.

The soldier and his friends believed in Jesus and were baptised.


Acts 10:1-48     No. 10.



God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that anyone

who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16



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