Paul travels to another country

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie




Paul went to another country.

Paul did not know anyone there.

He went into the city.

He walked beside the river.

He knew that some people went there to pray.

He wanted to meet them.

He met some ladies there.

They sat by the river.

Paul told them all about Jesus.

One of the ladies believed in Jesus.

All her family believed in Jesus.

They were all baptised.

The lady invited Paul to stay at her house.

The lady was called Lydia.



Paul had come a long way from his home.

He came to tell people about Jesus.


Acts 16:12-15 No. 14.


Dear Lord,

We pray for people who go where you send them. They go to tell people about Jesus. Some go to places far away from their home and family. They go because they love you.

Please keep them safe and well. Amen







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