Paul in trouble

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie



Paul went to Jerusalem.

He went to see his friends there.

He went to the church to pray.

Many people were there.

Some bad men attacked Paul.

They wanted to fight with Paul.

Soldiers came to stop the fight.

Paul asked the soldiers if he could speak to the people.

He told the people how he became a Christian.

They did not want to hear about Jesus.

The people shouted, “Take him away, kill him.”

The soldiers took Paul to their fort to keep him safe.


Paul was sent to the court.

Some people said, “He has done nothing wrong.”

Others said, “He is bad. He says that Jesus came alive again.”


They sent Paul to the leader.

His name was Felix; he was to be the judge.

He was to decide what to do with Paul.

Paul told Felix all about Jesus.


He told him that one day we would all see God.

He told him that God would be the Judge on that day.

Felix was afraid.

Felix decided to send Paul to see the king.

He would decide what to do with Paul.

Acts Chaps. 21 & 23      No. 17.



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