Jesus returns to Heaven

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie



You know that Jesus died on the cross.



You know that he is alive again.

He went to see his friends many times after he came back to life.


One day Jesus and his friends were out for a walk.

Jesus rose up into the sky.

His feet lifted off the ground.

He went right up through the clouds.


His friends stared up into the sky.

They could not see Jesus.

Two angels stood beside them.

The angels said, “Jesus has gone back to Heaven.

One day he will come back again.”



Jesus’ friends went back home.

They told people about Jesus.

Many people believed and were baptised.

They remembered Jesus when they ate bread and drank wine.

That is what Jesus asked them to do.



Acts 1:9-11       No. 1.


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March 2005

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