Jesus’ friends are put in prison

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie



The leaders were very angry with Jesus’ friends.

They took them to the people in charge.

“You must not tell people that Jesus is alive”, they said.

They put the friends in prison.

That night an angel came to the prison.

The angel let them out of the prison.

“Go and tell the people about Jesus” said the angel.


The leaders had a meeting.

They sent for the prisoners. The prison was empty.

Jesus’ friends were not there.

An angel had let them out of prison.


The leaders took them away again.

”We told you not to tell people about Jesus.

You blame us for killing him. You must stop”, they said.

Peter, one of Jesus friends said,

“We must obey God.

God made Jesus alive again.

You nailed him to the cross and killed him.

If you say you are sorry, God will forgive you.”

The leaders were very angry.

They told the friends never to speak about Jesus again.

But Jesus’ friends just kept on telling everyone

the good news that Jesus is alive.

Acts 5:18-32     No. 5.



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