A man fell out of the window

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts


Joyce Ferrie



One evening, Paul and his friends met for a meal.

They met in an upstairs room of a house.

Paul talked to his friends.

He talked for a long time.

It was very late.

The room was very hot.

One young man sat by the window.

He went to sleep.

He fell out of the window.

He fell a long way down from the window.

His friends picked him up.

He was dead.

Paul came down. He hugged the young man.

“He is alive”, he said. “Do not worry.”

God made him live again.

They went back upstairs.

They ate their supper.

After supper, his friends took the young man home.

He was well again and they were happy.


Acts 20:7-12     No. 16.


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