A man called Stephen

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts


Joyce Ferrie




Stephen was one of the men who believed in Jesus.

He told people about Jesus every day.

The leaders did not like this.

They did not want people to hear about Jesus.

The leaders sent for Stephen.

They asked him a lot of questions.

He told them that they had killed Jesus.

They were angry.

Stephen looked up into the sky.

He said, “Look, I can see right into Heaven.

I can see Jesus standing beside God the Father.”



The leaders were very angry.

They dragged Stephen out of the city.

They told the people to throw stones at Stephen.

They threw big stones.

Stephen said “Lord, God please forgive them.”

Then he died.


A man called Paul was there.

He agreed that Stephen should be killed.

Paul tried to catch people who loved Jesus.

He put them into prison.

Acts 7:54-60     No. 6.


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