A man called Philip

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts


Joyce Ferrie



A man called Philip told people about Jesus and they believed.

They believed that Jesus died on the cross.

They believed that he came alive again.


An angel spoke to Philip.

The angel told him to go and stand at the side of the road.

Philip stood at the roadside, it was noon time.


A very important man came along in his chariot.

Philip walked along beside him.

The man was reading his Bible.

“Do you understand what you read?” asked Philip.

“No” said the man “I need help.”

He stopped the chariot and Philip sat with him.

Philip helped him.

He told him about Jesus.

The man believed.


The man said, “Now I believe, I want to be baptised.”

“There is some water, I want you to baptise me.”



Philip baptised the man and he went on his way.

He was singing and praising God.

Acts 8:26-39     No. 7.


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